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Kai Muegge Spirit Team ‘The Spirit Alchemists’ speak live part 3 of 10

30/05/2020 - 22:00 - 23:00 CEST

aliens, multidimensional, contact

Multidimensional and extraterrestrial communication has long started.


– Be there! –

Materialisation eines höheren Wesens während einer Kai Mügge Séance

In the exploration of the history of the mysteries around the human species, some facts are finally understood and accepted and melt topics into each other.

It is about a knowing that besides E.T.’s belonging to our space-time there are the E.D.’s (extra-dimensional beings) in our holistical world existing as well. From the chronicles of the churches over 2000 years of investigation into the tales of modern Anomalistics like Parapsychology, Mediumship or Ufology, the same assumptions had to be made. At the same time the human spiritual communities have identified their consciousness as the central interstellar voyager into a multi-dimensionality created on behalf of exactly that consciousness.

Awarenesses for a Third Millenniums Spirituality indeed.

The entities await you – get in “contact”


Ask your questions to a worldwide unique spirit team. This session will be moderated and guided by the gatekeepers of the group, ancient entities of the world space!

Felix Zirkel Geistführer, Kai Mügge

The Felix Circle has worked with Extradimensional Beings and ET’s from its earliest beginnings! For example did elbish nature spirits for years healing with sitters or extraterrestrial communicators spoke their alien languages – all under the Umbrella of the Spirit Alchemists, powerful entities that achieved Full Materialization of Spirits under todays conditions in the most noteable institutions – and had them even photographed many times!
SO TAKE YOUR CHANCE NOW and join the gathering, have your long awaited questions being answered!
The ‘Alchemists’! This time, from their multidimensional framework and the ability to let that happen, their oldest representatives will speak, who are E.T. in nature themselves!

Directly from the legendary Felix Circle Séanceroom,
experience the spirit team live and online
via facebook-live (with costs).

Listen to this spirit team of Modern Physical Mediumship at 10 evenings, when they want to reveal their secrets!
Additionally Julia will forward your questions, when allowed!

Live Streaming Date: 30/05/2020

Berlin 22.00 CEST
New York 4 PM EDT
London 9 PM BST
Sydney 6 AM AEST (31/05/2020) 

Like no other spirit team ‘the spirit alchemists’ have attracted interest from the Psychic or Spiritualistic communities with their extraordinarily meaningful Messages and Phenomena. That ranges from Messages to the human species about paradigm change, or from deceased loved ones via their partial or even full materialisations of human hands, heads, faces and even fully materialized spirit phantoms in the séanceroom, over the materialisation of objects in good red light, illuminated apparitions of all sorts, ectoplasm, body-portals, handwritings from the deceased, up to psychokinesis, ET’s and a l.m., partially demonstrated under scientific conditions.

What are the spirit-teams motives and where lie their origins?

Take part in the trance-work of the ‘spirit alchemists’ at 10 evenings, when you comfortably from your desktop and with headphones on are connected with Julia, who will moderate from her vast personal experience background the evenings and overhand the questions to the spirit team.

Every participation in these approximately 1 hour sessions (hosted by Julia Muegge) costs 35 Euro and will be broadcasted live from the Felix Circle Séanceroom.

  • You always acquire access to one broadcast / live event
  • The live broadcasts are then always available for the participants for at least 1 month
  • Each of these approximately one-hour trance sessions (moderated by Julia Muegge) costs 35 euros and is broadcasted directly from the Felix Circle Séanceroom

35.- Euro

for participating in the Facebook Live Event
(Recording available for at least 30 days)

You have the right to cancel this contract within 60 days without giving any reason. The cancellation period is fourteen days from the day the contract is concluded.



All live broadcasts take place via Facebook. So you need a Facebook account to take part in the events!
Each live broadcast remains available to you for at least one month (30 days) as a recording.
The name of the Facebook group (each transmission takes place in a group created especially for this occasion) is:
“Kai Mügge – The Alchemists Speak – Part 3”
As soon as you have paid this appointment you have to join the group. Do not wait until shortly before the transfer and do it right after payment!


If your Facebook name does not match your real name, it is important to state your real name when you join the group so that we can connect your payment with your name.


22:00 - 23:00 CEST


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