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By 29/09/2021Oktober 8th, 2021Physikalische Medialität
Ektoplasma Lugnorre 05 Kai Mügge
In Lugnorre, the entrepreneur and experimental spiritualist Markus Kappeler and his wife Anita hosted 3 long-awaited séances with us. On all 3 evenings, long-time friends who had not seen each other for a long time reunited and made all three evenings rich spirit events!

Picture 1: Spiritistic anachronism: The ectoplasm column. Ectoplasm from the nose finds a base on the floor and stretches to the head height of the medium! Head is visible between the curtain halves.

Figure 2 Magnification and visualization of the many different densities within the ectoplasmic substance …

Figure 3 Further improved visualization of occurring material peculiarities during ectoplasm extrusion in Modern Mediumship …

Fig. 4 Second stage of the growth of an ectoplasmic column, captured photographically! Already here a broadening of the ascending strand can be seen, which thereby increasingly sticks to the curtain fabric, apparently in order to stabilize itself or to pull itself up on it …

Figure 5 shows the progress of the growth of the ectoplasm in direct comparison. For this we place the comparison photo directly next to it!

Figure 6 All three growth stages side by side, starting from center photo 1. The head plane (orange rectangle) serves as orientation to show the differences of the growth stage …

Figure 7 Photographing further growth stages of the ectoplasm column, the substance has reached the highest point above the head of the medium! We extrapolate this central image area by magnification and B/W representation …

Picture 8 A selected sitter receives for the whole group the blessing of one of the main guides from the spirit-team. This is ‘Holy Ashes of India’ and a famous Indian ‘miracle man’!

Fig. 9 Dense, ‘fleshy’ ectoplasm flows thickly from both corners of one of the medium’s eyes and flows down his cheek and over the back of his hand, which is held ready, in the direction of his chest. After it has reached a certain length, the medium succeeds – kneading the mass – in excavating an unusually large red crystal directly from the substance! The crystal has been ‘scooped’ directly from the substance.

The object materializations of all three experimental nights of the ‘Three Days of Lugnorre 2021’!

The entities and Kai and Julia thank all present for their coming and their energy!

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